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Welcome to the Hip-Hop Library!

What is “Hip-Hip Library”? This is an online hip-hop music store, where you can find whatever you need from the top old-school hip-hop albums to the new-school trendy hip-hop.  You can order an album on a CD and make an unforgettable present to your homie or just buy a digital stuff  for your mp3-player. Also if you are a young and talanted rapper-this is a place where you can find a lot of dope beats by the illest beatmakers from the whole world, just check it.  If your life is all about the hip-hop culture and you want to be informed about all events from the world of this culture – this resource is specially for you!

The founders of this store are all keen on hip-hop music and each of them has a great experince in rapping or beatmaking. We know how it is hard to come up today this is why we are trying to encourage young talents, so if you are young and talented rapper or beatmaker and you have some dope materials – contact us and we will help you to distribute your tracks or beats. This is our main message – we are trying to unite all the hip-hop hearts now.

Finally, we would like to say that our service is absolutely new and we would be really happy to hear any ideas of how we could make it better or improve it for you. So, welcome to the hip-hop heaven where you can find the greatest hip-hop songs, hip-hop isn’t dead because of you – our listeners.

“I don’t do it for the cars and the fancy drops
I do it for hip-hop
I do it for hip-hop
I do it for hip-hop
And I don’t do it for the chains and the flashin rocks
I do it for hip-hop
I do it for hip-hop
I do it for hip-hop”

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by Sharp Coders