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Yo, this section is fully dedicated to the new era of hip-hop. This is actually the place where you can find new rap albums. New hip-hop is absolutely another, it’s not that type of music that we used to hear 10 years ago. Today it is widespread all over the world, because the main feature of new-school is the fact that it’s appropriate for clubs. In our days young people spend their free time mostly in clubs, this is why they are likely to listen to new hip-hop which is popular today in such establishments. Ofcourse when we are talking about the clubs everyone understands that that this is got to be some special kind of sound. New rap music doesn’t have such beats and lyrics, when we are talking about trendy hip-hop. Mostly it consists of a trap instrumental and trendy lyrics.

We want to encourage young talents! If you have some good materials which sound like new-school hip-hop and you want to promote it-contact us and we will help you! So, listen to new rap music and check our site for updates!

 new-school cover

Listen to  “A$AP Rocky  -  Long.Live.A$AP” singles  (2013)

Cover.jpg-2013 - Long.Live.A$AP

Year: 2013
Country: USA
Genre: rap/hip-hop
Label: RCA Records
Duration: 1:05:02
Codec: ALAC
Bitrate: lossless

You can buy the full digital “A$AP Rocky  -  Long.Live.A$AP” album or audio cd in our Hip-Hop Store!

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